The first workshop in the ‘Warriors and Weeds’ series took place in a beautiful wood in May, with great success on many levels. Here are a few comments from participants:

‘Wonderful workshop, thank you so much. I feel we have covered very important work, and I am very excited to see how it affects my life from now on.’
‘Really helpful and clear… quite revelatory.’
‘Has helped me to understand what ‘grounding’ really is.’
‘Your passion and connection shine through… really got how much they [the plant spirits] want us to work with them.’
‘Valuable and inspiring.’
‘I was surprised at the strength of the connection. Very inspired.’
‘Most significant for me… was to find more grounding.’
‘It’s been a really beautiful workshop that has touched me on deep and subtle levels.’

The next one, on the South Devon coast, will be from Friday June 30th-Sunday July 2nd. Numbers are strictly limited and mostly booked already, so if you’re interested please contact me soon to book your place.

warriors and weeds workshop

Even in these maddest of times – perhaps especially in these times – I believe it’s possible for us to create a world in which all life is honoured and loved. But we can’t succeed in this if we treat it as something humans have to do alone. It can be hard to move beyond this human-centred mind-set, because collectively we’ve forgotten how to stand together with the other-than-human beings of Earth. But these beings are not merely our victims. They have wisdom and power, and even now, they are willing to accept us as their allies. In each of these three workshops we will include and go beyond personal healing and learning. We will work with plant spirits, as well as the elements, spirits of place and other beings of the natural world, to remember something new: how to create together the world we long for.

‘Riding the Tidal Waves of Change’ drew a lively group of astrologers, and some non-astrologers who wanted a new perspective on what’s going on in the world. Everyone said they really enjoyed it, as well as participating in some very powerful work together. We received a number of requests to do further days, so if you’re interested please sign up for my occasional newsletter for more info.

Some comments from participants:

‘A fabulous day…I’m left with so much to think about.’
‘Fantastic day…. I travelled a long way to get here but I’m so glad I did.’
‘It was brilliant… you were brilliant.’
I can’t believe the power of what we said when we let the planets speak through us. I was astounded.’

riiding the tidal waves of change workshop

I’ll also be offering workshops at a couple of conferences again this year:

The Edge of the Wild Ecopsychology Gathering, July 13th-16th, 2017

The UK Shamanic Gathering, September 13th-17th, 2017

To keep up to date with workshops and events, please go to the sidebar and sign up for my occasional newsletter.


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