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Energy Healing

What is energy healing?
These days more and more people are coming to understand that everything in existence is essentially energy. We construct our world, including ourselves, from this energy by our perceptual apparatus – our minds.

The Cat's Eye Nebula - Hubble Telescope, NASA/courtesy of nasaimages.orgOne could think of the physical body as a condensed form of energy, compared to our thoughts, which have a less dense form but just as strong an impact in creating the events of our lives. A person, or anything else, can be perceived in its entirety as a field of energy, in which the more subtle levels interpenetrate and surround the physical. So whether we work with your emotions, your thoughts, your physical body or your soul, we are working with energy.

For example, the event we call ‘sadness’ has an emotional aspect, which we might identify as a kind of non-physical hurting; a thinking aspect such as, ‘X doesn’t love me any more’; a physical aspect such as an aching in the chest; and a spiritual/transpersonal aspect, which could be felt as a loss of connection with the true (or ‘higher’) self.

When something in our energetic system fails to process experience and move on, we can develop ‘stuck’ emotions, repetitive thoughts and physical blockages which can lead to illness.

Energy healing works on all levels, encouraging your system to reorganise itself for best possible health. This healing can bypass the usual interruptions created by habits of negative feeling and thinking, and go straight to the part of you that is able to receive and make use of it. On the other hand, of course, these interruptions may be exactly where our work needs to focus.

What happens in a healing session?
While you lie down and relax, I will work in your energy field to sense where your system needs work at the present time, and to direct healing where required. This may involve simple focusing of healing energy, and/or more direct interventions to repair your field and strengthen your vital force.

Great White Cherry blossom © Moira Lake   In practising healing I am not drawing on my personal energy, but universally available energy which flows through me rather than from me. People variously refer to this energy as life force, or divine love, or infinite consciousness, or spirit, or dozens of other terms. These are all attempts to give a name to something benign and immensely powerful which defies ordinary human description. I am not attached to any of these labels, but the reality they attempt to name is undeniable and profound.

While I am guided and supported, I remain responsible and aware of what I am doing. I do not give healing in a trance state.

I make my own tree and flower essences which are powerful medicine in their own right. When appropriate I will prescribe these as part of the healing, at no extra cost.

Distant Healing
All healing sessions are currently held distantly. This is just as effective as working face to face. Energy healing takes place outside the conventional limits of space and time, and therefore transcends geographical distance.

Training and experience
For information about my training and experience as an energy healer, please click on about Moira.

If you have questions, please try clicking on FAQ as you may find the answers there. If not, by all means contact me.

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