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What is astrology?
The art and science of astrology developed out of a traditional view of the world which sees all life as deeply interconnected, and finds meaningful links between things that on the surface might seem unrelated.

© Adam McLean www.alchemywebsite.comCountless generations of our ancestors on Earth watched the movements of the planets across the sky against the background of the ‘fixed’ stars, and discovered that the journeys of those distant bodies reflect our own inner movements. Observing the correlations between heavenly and earthly patterns, astrologers developed a body of wisdom which can offer us understanding and guidance as we try to make sense of our lives.

These days many people are turning away from the mechanistic, ‘straight-line’ thinking which dominated human minds in recent centuries, and are once more recognising the world and all its creatures as one vast living being. Astrology is an expression of this understanding. Its wisdom lies in the fact that at one and the same time it both re-establishes our links with the rhythms of the universe, and affirms our unique individuality and freedom.

What is the birth chart?
Your natal chart is a map showing the positions of the sun, moon and planets at the time and place of your birth, and the relationships among these and certain other sensitive points. As such, it is a picture of you.

photo © Adrian Fletcher www.paradoxplace.comWhat does the chart show?
This picture is unmistakably and permanently you, just as a photograph is you, but does not say that you must be or do anything in particular, any more than a photograph does. It does, however, show the raw material that you have been given to work with in life. What you do with it is up to you, but certain needs, desires, strengths, problem areas and conflicts will be apparent in this basic pattern of your life at the moment of birth.

Understanding the energies at work within you, and the rightness of being who you are, can offer you a new clarity about yourself, your formative experiences and your path in life. Clients often comment that meeting themselves through their chart has led to a profound and healing level of self-acceptance.  

What about the future?
Forecasting techniques show the kinds of experiences coming up for you in the near future, and the areas of your life most likely to be affected. While I will show you the direction in which things seem to be pointing, I do not make predictions in the sense of definite statements about events. My interest is in supporting your power to work with the planetary energies that are operating, in order to create beneficial experiences for yourself.

The cycles of the planets reflect our life cycles, and at crucial points you may have that feeling of being ‘at a crossroads’. At such times astrological insight and counselling can clarify the issues and help you to reach your own inner knowledge of the course of action which is right for you.

Warning: ‘Personal Reports’ Often Aren’t
There are a number of websites in which people describing themselves as astrologers offer ‘personal reports’. Please note that these reports are unlikely to have been produced by an experienced astrologer who has spent time carefully studying and integrating insights into your unique birth chart. In most cases, the ‘astrologer’ will simply have invested in some software which enables them to spend a few minutes printing off a computerised synthesis of stock descriptions of various astrological factors relevant to your chart. There is nothing wrong with this if they are clear about what they are offering, and you may prefer this less expensive option. But please be aware that this is an entirely different matter from a one-to-one consultation with an astrologer of depth and experience.

Astrology for couples, families and organisations
The Pleiades star cluster, NASA/courtesy of nasaimages.orgAstrology has a rich and fascinating contribution to make to any couple, group or organisation that wishes to understand itself better and to fulfil its positive potential. It offers considerable insight into strengths and resources, as well as an understanding of the source of difficulties and the most effective ways that the people involved can work with them. Please contact me for more information about what such work would involve.

Birth Charts for Babies and Children
The birth chart of a baby or young child can be a source of valuable understanding for parents/carers, helping them to support this young being to flourish in the way that best serves the child.

Anything else?
An astrological chart can be drawn up for any moment in space and time, so in fact everything in the world potentially has its birth chart. An animal, a shop, a book or an idea will each, in their way, embody the astrological qualities of the moment of their birth. In practical terms this can be useful in understanding and improving the fortunes of, for instance, a business or product.

If the event or project in question has not yet taken place, astrology can also be very helpful in selecting the timing which will give it the best chance of success. The times of important occasions such as weddings and civil partnership ceremonies, performances, or the signing of legal documents are often elected in this way.

The birth data
In order to draw up your birth chart I need your date of birth, time of birth as accurately as possible, and place of birth. If the birth time is unknown it is still possible to learn a lot from the chart, but the interpretation cannot be so specific, so it is worth making an effort to get an accurate birth time.

The consultation
Sessions take place online and are recorded so that you can listen again as often as you like. If you prefer to avoid the internet our session can be held over the phone. A session on your birth chart will last around one and a half hours, up to a maximum of two hours. Other work will vary in the time taken.

Training and experience
For information about my training and experience as an astrologer, please click on about Moira.

If you have questions, please try clicking on FAQ, as they may be answered there.


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