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For all healing and shamanic work:

£68 per session lasting approximately one and a quarter hours.

In case of genuine difficulty this charge is negotiable on a sliding scale, with the minimum being £50. Please only ask for a reduction if this is really necessary.

I also keep a small number of low-cost healing places for those in serious need, and if necessary you are welcome to apply, although you may have to wait some time for one to become available. If you need one of these places, please make this clear when you first contact me.

Astrological consultation

Birth chart reading: £120

This fee includes extensive preparation time, as well as the time we spend together.

Detailed forecast/update for existing clients: £100
Follow-up session within one month after birth chart reading: £60 per hour
Birth charts for babies up to two years: £95
Other astrological work by arrangement.

Please pay by bank transfer if possible otherwise use the ‘Pay Online’ button below.

For astrological consultations, please pay a deposit of half the fee at the time of booking.

For healing work, please pay in advance of our first session.

Please do not make a payment until we have discussed what you are looking for, and made an appointment.

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