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Shamanic Healing

The shamanic world view
Shamanic healing is a form of energy healing which embodies specific values and techniques. It draws on teachings and traditions which formed and guided spiritual and community life, in most cultures of the world, for many thousands of years. These teachings arise from a deep knowledge, an active knowing, of the world as animate, intentional and conscious: a living, creative system. Earth and all the creatures with whom we share Earth’s body are honoured with love and gratitude. While ‘ordinary’ reality is given respect, it is seen as masking a deeper reality, which is the world of spirit.

Macchu Pichu © Moira LakeThe honouring and gratitude towards all life which is embodied in shamanic work once pervaded the community’s existence, including all relationships with animals, stars, plants, humans, rocks, weather and so-called ‘inanimate’ objects. Although this attitude has been all but obliterated in our modern globalised culture, it lies in our hearts as a powerful substratum beneath the constant buzz of surface activity and information. Reawakening this intrinsic respect for all life is surely essential both for our personal healing and for the healing of our world.

Shamanic healing
Traditionally the shaman takes on the role of entering this underlying spirit reality and engaging with the beings and energies she or he finds there, in order to bring about changes in ordinary reality for the good of the community. A major part of this work is for the purpose of healing. Put very simply, a basic principle of shamanic healing is that illness and disease, including chronically difficult emotional problems, arise either from the presence of energies which should not be with the person and need to be removed; or from the loss of energies which should be present. The techniques of shamanic healing are directed towards removing unhelpful energy and restoring needed energy.

How is shamanic healing done?
All the client is usually required to do is to lie down and relax. What I actually do during the healing will vary greatly, depending on what you need at that particular time. I will be guided in this by my spirit teachers and helpers, as well as by my own intuition.

Here are a few examples of how I might work with you. The possibilities are immense, and the work that is needed for you may be something quite different. So this is not a ‘menu’ for you to choose from, just a few examples.

  • Power retrieval can bring your powerful life force back to you, often in the form of a spirit animal helper. This can be an essential early step in the healing process, especially in the case of chronic illness, depression etc.

  • Extraction involves using one of several different methods to remove energies which are impeding the flow of your vitality, and to send them safely back to their own domain.

  • © Guardian newspapersSoul retrieval is a method by which a missing part of your soul essence is restored to you. This procedure is often necessary when a person has been traumatised, and a part of her or him has become disconnected as a result. Many people describe feeling that they have lost part of themselves, and this can be literally true. Soul retrieval is a sensitive process in which the shamanic practitioner will go on a spirit journey to search for the missing part, and if it is willing, bring it back to be re-integrated. This can be profoundly transformative when performed with the right timing. Sometimes a series of healing sessions will be necessary as preparation, and further sessions may be necessary afterwards to ensure that the soul part is fully integrated.

  • Work with the dead involves ways of helping the dead to cross over safely into the light. This is often referred to as ‘psychopomp’ (literally, ‘conductor of souls’) work. Our culture has largely lost touch with traditions which enable a person to die consciously and with due preparation, sometimes leading to the spirit feeling confused and lost after death. This work is often required for those who have died through violence or disaster. It can be done not only for someone who has died recently, but also for those who died long ago – even centuries before. The need for this often becomes clear when the dead person is behaving (perhaps unintentionally) in ways which cause difficulties for the living.

  • There are many other aspects to shamanic work. If you are wondering whether I can do something, please ask. Please note that under no circumstances will I undertake work which is intended to harm any person or being.

Distant Shamanic Healing
All healing sessions are currently held distantly. This is just as effective as working face to face. Shamanic healing, and all the healing I do, takes place outside the conventional limits of space and time, and therefore transcends geographical distance.

Tree and Flower Essences
I make my own tree and flower essences which are powerful medicine in themselves. When appropriate I will prescribe these as part of the healing, at no extra cost.

Training and Experience
For information about my training and experience as an energy healer and shamanic worker, please click on about Moira.

If you have questions, please try clicking on FAQ as you may find the answers there. If not, by all means contact me.


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