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About Moira Lake

Here are a few facts about me and my working life. I was born in London in the 1950s, in the stifling post-war decade when, after wartime jobs requiring physical strength and quick wits, women had been pushed back into domestic incarceration. Food was rationed and the general view was that if you were still alive with a roof over your head, you had nothing to grumble about. Gender was hyped-up: men were ‘men’ and women were ‘women’ and everyone else picked a side and kept their head down. Years later I understood how, during the war, so many – perhaps most – of my parents’ generation had been traumatised and suffered devastating soul loss. So much suffering, unseen and untended.

Moira Lake © Chris BoltonPost-war confinement imploded in the 60s, when everything was up for questioning and suddenly it was a good time to be a rebellious teenager. In the 70s I took various low-grade jobs, and became a hippy, then a philosopher, then a radical feminist; in the 80s I emigrated to New Zealand/Aotearoa, where I fell passionately and forever in love with Earth and her creations. I learned astrology and healing, and in the late 80s began working as a healer and astrologer, which I’ve continued ever since. In London in the 90s I became a counsellor then a psychotherapist, which lasted over twenty years, until in 2012 I decided to put healing and astrology back at the centre of my working life and closed my therapy practice.

© Adam McLean www.alchemywebsite.comI live in England, amid the beauty of Devon which sustains and inspires me. I know how bad things are in this world, I know what we are up against, and I don’t ignore any of it. I’m working on it. And every day I learn a little – about Earth, Spirit, healing, the infinitely creative and responsive Field – and my consciousness adjusts a little. I love it.


Training and experience
I trained in several approaches to energy healing, beginning with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH) in the 1980s, which registered me as a healer in 1992. Other trainings included esoteric healing and crystal healing. I also trained for five years in shamanic work with Chris Luttichau of Northern Drum.

I taught myself astrology in the 1980s while living in New Zealand, and after several years began doing charts for clients. Near the end of that decade, I returned to England and studied at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London. I received the Faculty Diploma in 1991 and was given the Margaret Hone Award for Astrological Interpretation.

Psychotherapy training included: Diploma of the Gestalt Psychotherapy Training Institute; MSc in Gestalt Psychotherapy; training in Couples Therapy; trainings in Person-Centred Art Therapy, and Brief Therapy. I also trained in The Work that Reconnects (with Joanna Macy), Playback Theatre, and was an early member of the London Ecopsychology Group. I no longer offer psychotherapy and have withdrawn my registration with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

My earlier education included degrees in Philosophy and Law, with three years in the 1970s wasted on an incomplete PhD thesis exploring the ethical and metaphysical problems of genetic engineering. In the end, I despaired of saying anything genuinely interesting or truthful within the framework of academic philosophy. I then awoke from what William Blake calls ‘Newton’s sleep’ and began to find my way.

Thank you for your valuable attention.

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