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Welcome to my website. In these pages I try to give you a clear idea of who I am and how I work.

I take a holistic approach to the process of healing and self-development, combining many threads in ways that can benefit every level of your being. I use healing in its original meaning of becoming whole. To me this conveys both the sense of restoring something lost, and the sense of fulfilling one’s true nature and potential.

I offer energy healing, shamanic healing, earth-centred therapy, plant spirit healing and astrology within a comprehensive practice which has evolved over the last twenty-five years. Some clients come to me for just one of these, others for a combination.

My work also includes having practised for over twenty years as a psychotherapist. I have recently closed my psychotherapy practice to new clients, so that I can concentrate on my healing and astrological work. Nevertheless, my experience and expertise as a psychotherapist will always remain one of the background resources I draw on in my healing practice, when required.

Moira Lake © Chris BoltonWe can work on a regular basis, or with occasional sessions, depending on what we agree will best meet your needs. When we meet, we will arrive together at an understanding of what is likely to be most helpful to you. We will monitor what works for you and what doesn’t. You should feel an immediate benefit from our work, but of course the length of time necessary to achieve the changes you want will depend on many variables. When we meet we will discuss all this openly together.

Clients come to me with a huge range of needs. Some come primarily because of physical illness, others come with a need to focus on emotional issues, or a desire to explore the transpersonal and develop their sense of spiritual connectedness.

Increasingly, clients are choosing to work on collective issues such as our relationship with the Earth, animals and plants, and with profound political issues.

Whatever direction you are coming from, if we decide to work together I will accompany you where you need to go, and draw on any and all of my resources, according to your needs.

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