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Welcome to my website and thank you for your interest in my work. I’ll try to give you a sense of who I am and what I do – and why. I’ve been working in the fields of healing and astrology since the 1980s. My work has evolved considerably over the last thirty-five years and continues to develop as my understanding expands. By my ‘understanding’ I mean not only the ‘how’ of healing but also the ‘what’ – including my perspective on reality, worlds, universes, Earth and the nature of creativity and infinity. There is no such thing as a health practitioner without values and an agenda, so I’ll be upfront about mine.

I adore Earth and all her creations. I even like humans, which is rather unfashionable these days! I love living in a physical body. But since I was a small child, I’ve felt that what passes for normal human life is pretty nonsensical. So many activities, emotions, thoughts, beliefs and aspirations are distorted tiny versions of the vastly more expansive lives we could be leading. I’m sure we all sometimes sense this. You must sometimes have looked at your life, and the world beyond your personal life, and thought, ‘Is this really it? This can’t be it.’

Moira Lake © Chris BoltonI do see this world as a game. This is not a metaphor, but the closest I can come to an exact description. It’s a serious game, indeed a sacred game. We are placed here as avatars by our souls, perhaps with an intention to learn and to follow some purpose. We can take both a long view, in which our lives are micro-moments in an infinity of worlds, and a close view in which we are trying to follow, or find, our purpose in this life. Both views may require strength, clarity, compassion, and deep experience of our unity with all life. But these are often – in fact usually – disabled by the suffering, false instruction and trauma which afflict us. So, I work with clients’ emotional problems, mental health issues, spiritual troubles, and physical illnesses. On whatever level suffering is experienced, it is an aspect of the whole interconnected personal and universal energy field. I am constantly guided and taught by healing spirits, a source of higher/deeper/wiser healing ability which works through me. We work to clean, clear, repair, restore, bring in power, take out the rubbish and enable Earth and Cosmic energies to flow freely throughout the person, with the intention that this will free them to know their soul, spirit, and deep inner guidance. This is my agenda.

I have recently left my premises in Dartington and I’m now conducting all sessions distantly. This works every bit as well as face to face healing, or I wouldn’t have made this choice. My reasons are nothing to do with concerns about Covid or other pandemics. I am maximising the time and energy I have available, both for writing a book, and for bringing healing on a much wider level than the personal.

(At one point I worked as a psychotherapist for over twenty years. I closed my practice in 2012 to concentrate on my healing and astrological work. There is a talking element in healing sessions, usually brief, which you may find supportive, challenging or informative, but this is an aspect of the healing and is not intended as psychotherapy.)

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